¿Cuál es el mejor hidratante facial para hombres urbanos y activos?

Elegir el mejor hidratante para la piel masculina no es fácil, en especial para quienes viven en un ambiente urbano. Veamos por qué el cuidado de la piel facial es tan importante en hombres como en mujeres.

Why do men need face moisturizers?

While men’s skin and women’s skin are fundamentally the same, they can have different needs. Studies show that men’s higher testosterone levels generally result in increased sebum levels[1], while women are more likely than men to report sensitive skin.[2]

As well as these gendered differences, both men’s and women’s skin suffers over the course of our lifetimes as a result of external influences that affect our skin’s quality and texture, ultimately impacting its future. This includes everything from pollution and sun damage to smoking and lack of sleep, with effects building up over days, months or even years, ultimately reducing our skin’s ability to act as a protective barrier.

When skin is properly hydrated from the inside, however these barriers are reinforced. This helps to counteract damage caused by these external factors, as well as limiting the ability of certain bacteria and allergens to penetrate the skin.[3]

What men should look for in a moisturizer

We know that protecting skin from the elements is vital to ensuring its future, but research suggests that only 35% of men use a facial cream.[4] So, what should you be looking for when it comes to picking a daily moisturizer that’s up to the job? A light, refreshing texture that cools without leaving any greasy residue will save you time in the morning, while keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

Living in built-up urban areas can inflict significant pollution damage on skin, leaving your complexion feeling tight and drawn, as well as looking grey and tired. To fight this, choose a refreshing moisturizer that effectively hydrates, hour after hour, while providing anti-pollution adherence efficacy, such as Vichy Homme Hydra Cool+.